Rendering of kitchen expo at Westerly

Reimagine Your Work from Home Lifestyle

Westerly is filled with an invigorated energy that inspires residents to do their best work. With thoughtfully crafted spaces and a vibe that reflects the spirit of go-time, you’ll find motivation at every corner. Whether you work a traditional nine to five or work to the own beat of your drum, we have the spaces for you to simply get it done. Instead of taking the early morning trek to the office, wake up and … read more

View of Dallas from the roof at Westerly apartments in west dallas tx
Dramatic Dallas Views

Imagine waking up every day in an apartment with Dallas skyline views. Your dreams can transform into reality as you enjoy the paradise of West Dallas from the luxurious comforts … read more

Photo of the banners outside of Steam Theory
The Best of the West

Every day that you wake up in your luxury apartment at the Westerly, you know it is bound to be a wonderful day. Living right in the heart of West … read more

Outdoor pool with seating and kitchen at Westerly apartments in west dallas tx
Wellness at the Westerly

Health and wellness are essential in keeping your mind and body fit. Westerly encourages an active lifestyle through our thoughtfully concepted amenities designed to inspire your holistic wellness journey. Enjoy … read more